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As a Psychotherapist I believe that we all have the capacity to change, grow, examine our perspectives and develop new insights and abilities. I believe we not only have that capacity but have an obligation to ourselves and our loved ones to make those changes that lead us to a more fulfilled life. I take great pride in offering a safe, nurturing, and confidential place for those changes to spring forth.

If you are seeking counseling for the first time you are likely experiencing some degree of pain, worry, stress or fear, if not all of the above! It seems ironic that at such a challenging time, when you may feel you are at your most vulnerable, you find you need to seek help in a way which, at first, seems to make you feel more vulnerable. All of these feeling are normal at such a time. I provide a therapeutic supportive environment to deal with the problems or worries which are currently causing you distress.

Not all clients are in a state of crisis when they seek counseling. Some are seeking help to enhance lives that are already “pretty good”.   Many of my clients are finally at a place in their lives where they feel the desire to grow and deepen their experiences as a “spiritual being having a unique human experience”.   Often clients come in with some current problem or issue which, upon examination; they come to see as an opportunity for the growth and evolvement they have long desired.

Regardless of where you are on this continuum, I feel confident I can help you make sense of your present circumstance and help you make the changes you desire. Let me help you find your strength, peace and joy again!